Out Like A Lamb / Colony


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released March 4, 2017

Music Written by TIEM
Lyrics Written by Lucas Naylor
Recorded and Mixed by TIEM at Strasburg Records
Artwork by Andrew Dunscomb

Additional Gang Vocals on "Out Like a Lamb" by Jesse Fogg and James McGill



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TIEM West Chester, Pennsylvania

TIEM (pronounced "team") is an Emo band based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Est. 2015.

TIEM is:
Lucas Naylor
Andrew Dunscomb
Sky Eckman
Anna Gentile
Jesse Fogg

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Track Name: Out Like a Lamb
I am sitting in the pitch black with my thoughts when the glass begins to clear,
I am sprinting on the infant balls of my sore feet, to the sunshine drawing near,
I am listening to anybody shouting words so my stomach can appear,
I am hungry for the knowledge of the fastest tongue that can feed me at the ear,
I am eating up a fabrication in my den while the TV tells my fear,
I am reading a paper that can cut my flesh, but I barely shed a tear,
I am swearing at the face of a crooked man through the scent of an empty beer,
I am shaping trepidation into sheer disgust and I preach every word I hear.

Better to be safe than sorry,
We can handle it, don't you worry,
Leave your mind for sheer aggression,
It's easier to answer than to know the question.

Manifesting my oppression in a picket sign that I hold through day and night,
Advocating and debating rendered pointless by revelations that I'm right,
It's my gospel, I'm not hostile, and you'll all agree once I make you see my light,
Fundamental, transcendental, sent incentive from every god I know to fight.

Better to be safe than sorry,
We can handle it, don't you worry,
Leave your mind for shear aggression,
It's easier to answer than to know the question.

I've no time for your enigmas, they can all be solved once you compliment the cause,
I am jealous, I will relish every soul I save; mighty martyrs never pause,
I am hatching gas and matches on my own front lawn, so my neighbors drop their jaws,
I am hanging an effigy in my backyard while my kids watch on in awe,
I am purchasing the poster child of politics, she's enslaved to pass my laws,
I am mending my body to a riot shield where I suffer fatal flaws,
I am rendering a rifle ready for this fate, and I'll fire it on your call,
I am digging a hole for the man I hate, but I am buried most of all.
Track Name: Colony
I am riding a wave of spilled ink from Berlin; it stained my sails,
Catching wind of something I caught wind of, my wealth prevails.
Gazing at my sail could send a king into the sea, without naming,
Your silence is my solace, when you see me draw near without blaming.

And I want to know hunger,
But I'm too scared that I will never be full again.

I am storing in a safe what I have found, in quotations,
I refuse to think that I'm the one who pilfers from these nations,
But in my heart, deep in my heart, I know that I'm wrong,
And in my mind, deep in my mind, I know that I'm gone.